I’m going to go out on a limb here….this is a BIG assumption coming.  Authors don’t like to be photographed.  But these days, headshots are required for pretty much everything.  Do you see the impending agony for this bunch of folks?

In this particular case, I believe the agony was lessened (barely!) by the fact that she was required to get this done because she’s a finalist for two major writing awards.  That sound like it would make it easier if it were me….but I wasn’t the author in front of the camera:)I’m teasing a bit here, because I think you cas see by her photos that it really was quite easy and pleasant to capture her headshots which show off her fun self.

Author headshot in the Willamette Valley
Corvallis author headshot
Willamette Valley author headshot
Corvallis author headshot
Author headshot

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