Here’s another teaser for senior portraits this fall.  I feel kinda lame mentioning the weather, but it’s been so rainy and dreary for so long, that it was a big highlight of the day to see the sun peak out here and there.  Of course, having the sunlight in your eyes wasn’t exactly what we wanted, but we’ll take a great weather day any which way:)

As I look back at these blog entries, my main focus is the pictures…words are not my gift and I don’t want to drag you through my verbal ramblings.  But I can’t resist dropping some of my thoughts on the screen since the actual picture day isn’t just about the photos.  So to make sure you’re not wading through a deep gorge of words, I’ll stick to the bullet style approach.

* I loved learning about Santiam!  For this family, it sounds like it’s been such a great experience:)

* Showing off Brian’s love of football in the one picture collage was a fun treat.

* Quick portrait tip: having a football (or some other object) for Brian to hold gives two rewards.  It shows that it’s a special part of him and it also gives him something to do with his hands.  When getting your picture done, having your hands dangle seems to always feel awkward and holding onto something makes it a bit more comfortable for you.  When it’s your turn for portraits, perhaps there is something that’s a big part of your life to hang onto during the shoot.

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  1. Christina
    June 7, 2010

    Great pictures!