I’ve thought a bit about this post, mainly that I could get lost on quite a few rabbit trails.  But instead, I’ll nail the main and obvious point head on: multiple critters in one spot can be exciting and unpredictable!  Of course I love to be able to get the images of the kids smiling bright and happy.  We all proudly display the close-up pictures of our smiling children.  What’s fun is to fill in the rest of what we remember about each child with the other shots showing interest, concern, suprise, feistiness, sleepiness, and even a bit of cantankerous. What does all this rambling have to do with these angels in today’s post??   One four month old, two year and a half year olds, and one three year old provide PLENTY of opportunity for the “other shots”:)

Bubbles were one of the main activites of this particular day.  I don’t think the kids seem to get tired of them, nor do I grow weary of seeing their faces of wonder as they watch them float to the ground.

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