It’s like spinning the roulette when trying to guess how each picture session for baby portraits will transpire.  We hit the jackpot right off the bat with this little guy.  Since I like to make these photo shoots fun and enjoyable (read NO STRESS for mommy!) things usually start slow as I chat and play with the kids to make them feel more comfortable.  But there were no qualms with this little guy: Tucker came in wide-eyed and wonderful as he sat amd grinned where we plumped him down.  Like all one year olds though, his curiosity soon got the better of him and from that point on it was playtime.

One of the ironies of this visit came near the end of our time together.  I thought it would be cute to get a picture of his little footsies and we were sitting him down when “disaster” struck: he bonked his head.  Tears and mommy were needed ASAP, and to our delight (despite his Ow E…how do you spell that anyway?) he soothed himself by grasping his feet.

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